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Re: Toaplan

Postby Magic Knight » Thu Aug 23, 2012 11:46 am

Shou wrote:
Magic Knight wrote:
Shou wrote:One for Magic Knight, they have a location test version of Mach Go Go Go, the localized version of Speed Racer, which was never released! I took pics of the board but hope to get it dumped someday.

Now that I'm back from today's running around nonsense, I have one or two questions you might be able to answer.

Did you see the board running, and what are the differences? Presumably music, voices and title graphic?
Does Try have a wheel, pedal, harness and manual for it? Because I know someone who has, heh heh heh.

Just saw the test menu as they were having an issue with it and send it off for repair. They definitely don't have the controls but requested a harness for it.

Those boards are a nightmare, they get burnt at the connector really easily and the sub-board is a real disaster area. I think I've seen four or five of them on sale and they've all had problems, or developed problems after I bought them.

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