Rise of Nightmares

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Rise of Nightmares

Postby loempiavreter » Sun Jun 12, 2011 12:01 am

SEGA's First Person horror Beat'em up for Kinect.

There's a bit of confusion who is the actual devs on this game, an SEGA employee on the SEGA America Blog said SEGA CS3 (Valkyrie Chronicles series, Shining Hearts) while another hands on had the sega employee saying it was the HOTD team. It does look like HOTD4, the models and all? (is it possible that it IS the HOTD4 engine? Kinda looks like Sega Golden Gun as well which does use the HOTD engine)

But that's why I'm interested in the game first it looks like HOTD (when was the last time a SEGA console entry looked like a SEGA game? Kinda missed that feel from Yakuza and such), second first person beat'em up is a genre that doesn't have to many entries and oh yes, 40 weapons ranging from brass knuckles, knives, machetes, saws, chainsaws, tongs (one preview said you could lob a nose off with the tongs) etc, house full of traps, bosses etc.

Now wopuldn't expect it to have any complex fighting system or such, wth it being kinect and all, but it was still most interesting thing I saw on E3. Maybe because it reminds me of games that u ussually see only in the arcades.

Hands on E3 has been met with mixed reception about the navigation controls, although I feel a lot of journalist are jumping on the kinect hatetrain, and didn't give it any chance to adjust to the controls (also possible is that no one wants to take the time to get used to it since you look like an idiot playing this game).

A positive hands on about the controls:


A negative hands on about the controls:

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