More undocumented features in X68000 games

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More undocumented features in X68000 games

Postby Magic Knight » Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:00 am

Here are some more secrets and hidden features for X68000 games I have. I meant to write them up ages ago but didn't get around to it. I've tried to verify everything here so they should all work with a real machine. I don't know if they'll work on an emulator, I doubt Fantasy Zone 3D does for a start. I still have many more that I need to verify before I can be sure abou them. Still trying to get Space Harrier to work with a mouse. Also I had written up a nice piece on getting SRAM to save games on the Video Game Anthology series but it got deleted. I still have the screenshots though so I'll try to get that sorted.

Fantasy Zone
In my first post I described how to start Fantasy Zone 3D while booting. It can also be started from the command line, and there are some other hidden features in this game. I don't have 3D glasses to try out the 3D effects, has anyone had a go?

So, let's have a look at command line options. First, boot the game in Drive 1 (not 0) and you'll be returned to a command prompt.

Insert the Fantasy Zone disk into Drive 0.

To activate the options, type "Aツ:FZBOOT XX" where XX is one of the following options:
24 :- activates 24kHz mode
opaopa=n :- number of lives, range is between 1 and 5
rank=n :- difficulty level, range is 0-3
price=n :- price of an Opa Opa, range is 0-3
jpn :- use the Japanese soundtrack
arrange :- use the arranged soundtrack
3D :- enable Fantasy Zone 3D
continue :- enable continuing
save :- enable high score saving

So example commands would be "fzboot -24", "fzboot -rank=3" and so on. By the way, most of these can be changed in-game. 3D mode is an exception.

Similarly, following the same procedure as above, enter "A:FZMAIN debug" (instead of "Aツ:FZBOOT XX")to start the game with a reduced display size. Looks bizarre. You can cycle through to normal mode with the [HELP] key.

To fast forward through the super play, hold down the CTRL key.

The method of accessing the Space Harrier level (Dragon Land) is well documented, so I don't think I need to mention it here.

On Christmas Eve and New Year's Day different opening music is played. Also, for an arranged soundtrack, instead of loading the game from drive 0, load it from drive 1. If you turn on the ツ「窶堙絶

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