D.K. Dragon Knights (PC88 Doujin)

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D.K. Dragon Knights (PC88 Doujin)

Postby Macaw » Thu May 03, 2012 7:33 am

I think I discovered the game about 6 years ago and have been amazed over it ever since. Completely blows away all other pc88 doujins and even most commercial games. Comes on 8 freakin disks which is absurd for a doujin, and is an YS style ARPG but you only fight during boss battles which I find pretty cool, and it removes all the level grinding.

It was created by 'Tsukka Soft' and is the 3rd game in the Spirit series by Tsukka. Spirit 1 and 2 are just very small and rough doujins though, Dragon Knights was the first major quality project Tsukka took on and spent 3 years in development.

Music is by Chobin (Ridge Racer, Ace Combat), and the game even features a boss rush mode once you finish it, far before any Falcom games featured a boss rush. Also features cinematics out the ass (the intro alone takes up 2 of the disks) and the quality of all the graphic work is great.

Screenshots (although really small) can be seen here on an archive of the old Tsukka site, I think anyone thats into old YS style ARPG stuff would agree that it looks FUCKN cool:

http://web.archive.org/web/200102232231 ... .html#No19

With its size and quality you have to wonder why Tsukka didn't just find a publisher at the time. The pc88 was pretty much dead by the time the game was released in 1992, but it easily could have probably just been ported to the PC98 I'm guessing.

The game is dumped, but I've spent 3+ years browsing now for a real copy and only saw it once in a massive pc88 doujin pack that was on auction about 2 years ago, which sold for about 150,000Y. Heres a pic I saved, DK is in the upper-right. Apart from the 8 disks it also had a 20 page manual, but I'm not sure if it all came in a box.

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