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[PC] Madou Koukaku - Yami no Tsukimegami ha Doukoku de Utau

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2012 10:50 am
by Macaw
New PC game from Eushully who are usually known for creating RPG's.

The usual Macaw enthusiasm is gonna be even more extreme than usual here, because this game is a fuckn real time strategy game with city building elements and siege warfare etc. Any kind of strategy game with city construction and such is pretty much my favorite shit, especially if its a Japanese game with cool 2d graphics (the Japanese practically never venture into this genre, even in the pc98 era there were like only a couple of strategy games with construction elements, not counting the ports of Western games)

City management aside the game also appears to have a few different types of combat along with some Princess Maker style parts for the 'Magic Dolls' you create and customize.

Graphics are super sharp and cool looking high res 2d, very reminiscent of the old Artdink games, especially Artdinks windows 95 war game BlitzStrasse. CG Artwork is quite good as expected from Eushully, and features heaps of awesome character designs with very little of the bullshit you would normally expect in an 18+ title.

Game is set for an April 26th release.

Demo movie that shows shit all:

Go to the Getchu page to see the screenshots properly as this forum cuts them.


Re: [PC] Madou Koukaku - Yami no Tsukimegami ha Doukoku de U

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 8:18 am
by Macaw
A demo for this came out a few days back, and its the best Japanese strategy game I've ever played (I'm not into pure war tactics stuff so I've only got limited interest in stuff like Sangokushi and Daisenryaku)

Battles are real time but the city management and overworld tactics are turn based. Its one of the most enjoyable and completely unique game designs I've ever seen, as unlike something like heroes of Might and Magic the turns in this game are LONG, with tonnes of stuff to do in each one consisting of elements from heaps of genre's.

Basically in a turn the main thing is managing your capital city with constructing and upgrading buildings, and laying out defences like barricades outside your castle or upgrading the city walls. There are also characters in the city that you can click on and talk to, which puts the game in the usual Japanese ADV mode and progresses the story. If you click the main castle you can take up various quests such as building a certain building, making the city reach a certain population, or defeating some nearby neutral monsters. Doing these quests is essential because of the rewards you get.

Various buildings you build also can be visited, such as the item shop where you can buy weapons and armor for your hero characters, or buy special resources for building construction. Other buildings like the research center's for weapons and armor allow you to access new items then in the item shop and so on. Later on you get access to the battle doll construction buildings where creating a customized doll is like a simplified Princess Maker game.

Outside the capital city you can organize your troops by assigning them to different generals and such, and also hire new soldiers. Theres also a tactics menu that has a bunch of choices for tonnes of different stuff like spying on certain kingdoms or whatever.

The map is not a mess of identical cities either, each main kingdom only has one capital city where you build most of your buildings, and the other regions on the map are usually strategic fortification areas or resource deposits. This is good because instead of eventually having to build and micromanage about 20 different cities later on, you just put most of your effort into the Capital city and then just seize other regions for resources and strategic footholds. So you still get the satisfaction of developing your single main city like a city building game, but theres also the tonnes of other RPG, adventure and strategy stuff thrown in all over the place.

Incredible to see something like this come out of Japan. The best way I can describe it is that its similar to Age of Wonders or Heroes of Might and Magic, but with much more depth to the city building elements, RPG elements, and adventure elements.

Re: [PC] Madou Koukaku - Yami no Tsukimegami ha Doukoku de U

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:52 pm
by SuperDeadite
This looks quite cool actually. Can you build actual brothels? :)

Still won't beat "Z" though. Nothing will ever beat that game's insane pacing.

Re: [PC] Madou Koukaku - Yami no Tsukimegami ha Doukoku de U

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 5:19 pm
by Macaw
Yeah lol you can build a brothel and then select girls which lead to the games H scenes. More girls become unlocked over time as your city develops. I only ever screwed one cause I was too busy with the games other aspects :)

It becomes pretty hilarious once a game reaches this level of superb design, depth and polish that they still need to throw explicit sex scenes in there, being a Japanese PC game and all. I fully believe if this game was to be translated and the adult scenes removed it would be incredibly well received by the West if it were released over Steam or whatever.

Z is cool but I personally never got into it because it took out all the RTS base building :P