Wanted: A certain 2 Famicom games...

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Wanted: A certain 2 Famicom games...

Postby mb7241 » Sun May 18, 2008 3:28 pm

Long time, no see, folks...how have you guys been :) ? Looking for either of these two Famicom games...must be complete and preferred mint condition:

Adventures of Lolo 2
Rockman 2

I'm trying to help out a good friend of mine... Looking to buy these, hopefully fairly cheaply (I had some guy trying to sell me Rockman 2 CIB for $80...I think he's trying to gouge a bit). Questions, comments, offers, post 'em or PM me :) .

Wanted: Your imported RPGs (regular and limited editions)! Inquire via PM :) .

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