Arcade Attack (no PCBS)

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Arcade Attack (no PCBS)

Postby Gaijin Punch » Mon Jun 09, 2008 2:38 pm

Instructions out the ass. Sorry, no pictures yet. If you need some... uh... try to be building up a large order. Kind of pressed for time these days... and space and money as well to be honest. ... 593710571/

Double Dragon (2 - one has sticker, both stained) $15
Xain'd Sleena (set of 2, one has sticker) $8
Knuckle Bash (tape remnants on back) $15
Final Fight Revenge (instructions plus manual) $10
Kikaioh (instructions, move strip, combo sheet, manual, secret file) $20
D&D Tower of Doom (instructions, move strip, manual, some other thing) $20
D&D Tower of Doom (instructions (one half), move strip, manual ) $15
Gun Spike (Instructions, move strip, warning stickers, manual) $20
Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun (instructions) $15
GI Joe (instruction, manual) $10
Magical Drop (instruction, manual) $10
Mahou Daisakusen (instructions) $20
Shippu Mahou Daisakusen (instructions) $20 (been folded)
Raiden II (instructions) $15
Raiden Fighters (instructions, manual) $15
Chiki Chiki Boys (instructions [slight tear]) $15
Hatena no Daibouken (instructions, strip, manual) $8
Pang 3 (instructions, manual) $15
Raiden Fighters 2 (instructions, manual) $20
Penguin Brothers (instructions) $8
Mobile Suit Gundam (instructions,manual, pop) $20 (not sure if these are all the same game)
Mighty Pang (instructions [some wear], manual) $15
Pop 'n Pop (instructions, both strips, manual) $20
Vampire Savior (instructions, strip, manual) $10
Wonder Boy (set of 2 - some discoloration) $20
Virtua Fighter Kids (instructions, strip) $10
Otenki Paradise Snow Bros. 2 (instructions) $15
Bomberman World (sticker sheet, manual) $8
Gussun Oyoyo (instructions, manual, sticker sheets) $15
Rolling Thunder 2 (instructions [some tape remnants], manual) $15
Brave Blade (instructions, strip, manual) $20
Mars Matrix (instructions, manual) $15
Jigoku Meguri (instructions, strip [cut in two], manual [written on]) pretty
bad shape all around $15
Salamander 2 (instructions, sticker sheets, strip, manual) $30
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter (instructions) $5
Xmen vs. Street Fighter (instructions) $5
Vampire Savior (instructions) $5
Street Fighter III: New Generation (instructions) $5
Heavy Metal Geo Matrix (instructions) $5
Knights of Valor 2 (flyer? folded) $5
Hidden Catch 2 (instructions) $5
Vampire Hunter 2 (instructions) $5
Moero Justice Gakuen (instructions) $5
Street Fighter Zero (instructions) $5
Marvel vs. Capcom (instructions) $5
Street Fighter Zero 3 (instructions) $5
Marvel Super Heroes (instructions) $5
Sol Divide (instructions) $10
Taisen Hot Gimmick 3 (instructions) $5
Ehrgeiz (instructions) $3
Guilty Gear XX (instructions) $5
Sexy Parodius (instructions) $15
Elvator Action (instructions) $20
Galaxian (instructions) $15
Gallag (instructions [tape remnants on back]) $15
Galaga (instructions [tear on top]) $15
Cabal (instructions [worn] ) $12
Puyo Puyo Sun (instructions) $5
Muscle Bomber Duo (instructions) $5
Donkey Kong (instructions [1 of 2? lots of tape on back]) $35
Cobar Command (instructions [sticker on bottom corner, some tape on back] ) $12
Alien vs. Predator (instructions) $20
Magical Drop Plus (instructions, manual) $10
Pomping World Pang (instructions, strip, manual) $20
Pocket Fighter (instructions) $5
Puzzle Bobble 4 (instructions [sticker stuck, one corner worn], strips,
manual) $10
Puzzli (instructions, manual) $5
Grand Cross (instructions, manual) $10
Strider Hiryuu 2 (instructions [beaten and torn, strip, manual]) $10
Strider Hiryuu 2 (instructions [bad shape], strip, stickers (one gone) manual, folded B1 poster) $60
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