ebay: Massive PAL hardware (i.e. Samba de Amigo PAL/NEW!)

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ebay: Massive PAL hardware (i.e. Samba de Amigo PAL/NEW!)

Postby ave » Thu Jun 26, 2008 5:51 pm

Huge sale of PAL hardware including a factory-sealed PAL Samba de Amigo:

currently up (all PAL and complete in box w/manual):

> Samba de Amigo PAL Boxset (game is FACTORY-SEALED)
> Samba de Amigo additional maracas

> Mega Drive 2 (60Hz mod)
> Mega Drive 2 2-controller bundle
> 2x Mega Drive 2 RGB-cable
> Mega Drive 3-button controller
> Mega Drive Import adaptor (pal->US/J)

> Axelay PAL-version 100% perfect condition
> GunGriffon SataKore (SS/J)
> Shooting Gallery Netherland/Belgium version (MINT w/poster) (MS/PAL)
> GameBoy Pocket black German version (very good condition, incl. case)
> Sega Saturn Racing Wheel (pal/brand-new)
> MGS Guidebook (in German)

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