Trade: Burning Rangers disc only PAL for US

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Trade: Burning Rangers disc only PAL for US

Postby Greatsaintlouis » Tue Aug 11, 2009 7:10 pm

So this is a pretty weird situation, but a few years ago through some funky trade, I aquired a disc-only PAL version of Burning Rangers, along with the disc 1 (demo) of Panzer Dragoon Saga, also PAL. Now, I've got one of those import carts that lets me run the games just fine, but I'd really like to have the NTSC version of Burning Rangers instead. Looking on eBay, I see that complete US Burning Rangers sets are fetching a pretty high price, and I'm not really willing to shell out that much. So I propose a trade: my PAL Burning Rangers and Panzer Dragoon Saga demo for your US Burning Rangers, disc-only for disc-only. Both discs are pretty flawless, with maybe a minor scratch here or there (I took a brief look and nothing jumped out at me). Of course, I'd want the US version to be in similar condition. Let me know if you've got one and want to trade.

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