Wanted: Tales of Graces F Limited Edition (PS3).

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Wanted: Tales of Graces F Limited Edition (PS3).

Postby mb7241 » Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:20 am

First off, long time, no see, everyone :) . Life has been busy, and life has been good. I'm engaged now, and I'll be married within the next year. For a couple years, I diverged from my RPG and import collecting to collect NTSC NES. While the run was nice, after January 2010's sale of a complete NTSC Stadium Events (plus 3 cheap games and a NES system) went for $13,100, I realized I'd never put together a complete NES set. So I started selling them. Most of the higher-end NES stuff I had is gone (including a cartridge-only Stadium Events that I sold this past June for a very hefty sum), and I've used some of that money to get back into collecting the games I love to play, and those being RPGs. Here I am, after a long absence, with a special request that I hope someone here can help me with...

I know it's exclusive to LaLaBit Market, but as I'm not based in Japan (and my Japanese reading skills are poor at best), I don't have a regular way of ordering Tales of Graces F Limited Edition (PS3). It's ¥13,800 here, which I imagine is pre-tax (so ¥14,490 after tax). If someone could buy one for me and ship it to me in the US, I'll cover all shipping costs (of course, heh heh) and give you an extra $20 US (about ¥1670) for your trouble. I'm thinking the total (including both shipping costs) will probably be around ¥20,000, if I'm not mistaken. If anyone can do this for me, please PM me. I'll be more than grateful. If someone can order two for me, that would be even better :) .

Wanted: Your imported RPGs (regular and limited editions)! Inquire via PM :) .

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