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WTB: VHS/DVD Superplay list

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 3:47 pm
by drboom
Hey all, posted this list over at shmups, but want to cross post it here to see if I can find some of these CKDF/T3/Daytona 3 and HDK releases - trying to find some old VHS stuff. If you have something on the list PM me.

VHS/DVD Superplay want list:

Gamest Salamander
CKDF Gigawing (all three – Carmine/Widerstand/Porchka)
CKDF ESPrade – Yusuke 37 mil
CKDF ESPrade – Irori 41 mil
CKDF Mahou Daisakusen
CKDF Game Tengouku
CKDF Raiden 2
CKDF Viper Phase 1 – New Version
HDK's Factory Metal Slug X
HDK's Factory Psyvariar
Daytona 3 Air Gallet
Daytona 3 Raiden

CKDF Dangun Feveron
Game Inn Namiki - Progear

...possibly more - pm me with what you have! Especially looking for doujin VHS releases and game center releases.