The Super Fabulous Mega Junk Sale!

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The Super Fabulous Mega Junk Sale!

Postby Greatsaintlouis » Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:30 pm

Time to clean out the closet and shelves and stop packing around all the crap I accumulated during a "collecting for collecting's sake" phase close to a decade ago. There's a lot of junk, but hopefully some of it will be worth something to someone so I don't just have to dump it all in the thrift store.

NOTICE: Forgot to add this earlier, but I don't hold items. I had a few situations on another forum a few years back where I had a queue of three or four people who would have gladly purchased an item right away, but I was caught holding it for someone waiting for payday, or trying to decide if they wanted other goods, etc. It was tough for me to keep track of then and I've got even less mental bandwidth to dedicate to it now. So everything is first-come, first-served. Sorry.

I grade a little on the harsh side. Condition will be indicated with the following grading scheme:

S - Sealed
EX - Excellent. Opened, with no visible scratches, tears, or scuffing.
VG - Very good. Minor scratches or scuffing, still suitable for display.
G - Good. More a "playing copy" than a "collecting copy." Scratches, cracks in the case, tears in manual--things which don't affect the playability, but don't look the best.
NA - Not available/not applicable.
Where possible, I'll report on the condition of the following: Media/Case/Manual/Spinecard

Of course, please let me know via PM if you have any questions, want a photo, etc. Prices seem a little off? Hit me and we'll try to negotiate. My intent is to move this stuff with the least hassle, but I'm flexible for the sake of a sale if you're cool. All games NTSC/UC unless otherwise specified. I test what games and hardware I can before I accept payment. All media boots and play fine unless noted.

Mars Matrix - G/NA/NA/NA $5
Project Justice - G/VG/G/NA $15
Gunbird 2 (EU) - VG/G/VG/NA Shitty European cases that break if you breathe on them wrong. Cover hinge is busted, but the rest is decent. Manual written in like a billion languages. $10
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2 (EU) - VG/NA/NA/NA White label beta, disc only. Probably one of the more common white labels. $4
Power Stone (JP) - G/G/G/NA $4
Nakoruru (JP) - EX/VG/VG/NA Visual novel style game featuring the Samurai Showdown character. Large box, includes Nakoruru figurine. $15

R-Type Final (JP) - G/G/G/NA $5

Radilgy Generic - VG/G/VG/NA $7

Detana Twinbee Yahho~! Deluxe Pack (JP) - VG/G/VG/NA $10
Dead or Alive (JP) - VG/G/G/VG $5
Panzer Dragoon Saga Disc 1 (Not for resale demo) (EU) - G/NA/NA/NA $7
Burning Rangers (EU) - G/NA/NA/NA $15
Hexen - VG/G/VG/NA Crazy US Saturn long box. $4

Castlevania Chronicles - VG/G/VG/NA $15
Capcom Generation 5 (Street Fighter II, II', II Turbo) (JP) - G/G/G/NA $7

F-Zero X (JP) - G/NA/NA/NA $5
Custom Robo w/box (JP) - VG/G/VG/NA $10

Cotton 100% (JP) - VG/G/G/NA Includes a mini-CD with a few tracks from the game or something. $7

GBA e-Reader with stack of cards (Ice Climbers, Clu-Clu Land, lots of item and level cards for Super Mario Bros. 3) - G/NA/NA/NA $4

[Misc. Games]
Pac-Man (NGPC) - VG/G/VG/NA $5
Metal Slug 2nd Mission (NGPC, JP) - VG/NA/NA/NA $5 (Take this and Pac-Man for $7)
Dragon Quest (MSX, JP) - G/NA/NA/NA $5
Final Fantasy I + II (Famicom, JP) - G/NA/NA/NA Both games on one cart. No Famicom, so I can't test. $7
R-Type (TG-16) G/G/G/NA $12
Tempest 3000 (Nuon) - VG/EX/EX/NA Jeff Minter's got a problem with releasing his games on shitty, obscure platforms--Tempest 2000 on the Jaguar, and the sequel on a little-known game console built into a DVD player. Looks purty. $10

Doubt there's any interest in these whatsoever, but here we go.

The Art of Neverwinter Nights - $5
The Art of Warcraft (mostly focused on Warcraft 3) - $5
Knights in the Nightmare: Tome of Lost Souls (ATLUS preorder bonus for US release) - $7
The Art of Tales of Symphonia - $7
Luminous Art (ATLUS preorder bonus for US release of Luminous Arc 2) - $5
The Art of Blazblue (little pamphlet-like thingie) - $3
Sakura Wars: So Long My Love (pre-order bonus for US release of Sakura Wars V. Nice hardback presentation, but the pages inside are either just game CG images or character portraits from in-game. A little disappointing.) - $5
The Art of Street Fighter (Hefty tome for the 20th anniversary of the series, filled with sketches from Capcom's resident artists over the past 20 years. Really nice variety.) - $25

[Misc. Other Junk]
Soundtracks, DVDs, etc.

Nintendo All-Star Playing Cards - A pack of trumps released as a bonus in some issue of a UK official Nintendo magazine a few years back. Pictures here. Cover looks a little sun-faded. $4
R-Type Final Dog Tag - R-9C Warhead) $5
Playstation Developer Blank CD-Rs CD-Rs for PSX devs to burn preview/review code on for use on blue or green dev units. Picture can be found here, Ctrl+F for "PLAYSTATION 1 BLANK CD-R." 4 of 'em for $10
Sekaiju no MeiQ2 piano sketch varsion [sic] CD (JP) - Piano arrangements of music from Sekaiju no Meikyuu 2 (Etrian Odyssey 2). Guess it was a promo release for a preorder or something. - $7
Dodonpachi Dai-Ou-Jou & EspGaluda Perfect Remix (JP) - This 'un. Spine card present and purty.) $20
Gradius Breakdown DVD (US) - Can't tell if it's Region 1 or region free. Promo release with Gradius V preorders. Interviews, history of Gradius series, and some Gradius V superplays. Roughly analogous to the Japanese release, I think. $10
Mushihimesama Futari t-shirt - Bright lime green with "Cave Sama" on the front in calliagraphy strokes and the Mushi Futari logo on back. Bought at the 2007 fall Cave Matsuri. Size medium on a regular Anvil t-shirt, fits a little on the snug side. Worn and washed a handful of times, but it's a little small for me to keep. Great condition, no holes, good for wear or display. $10
Yamaha CX5M MSX - One of maybe a handful of MSX units actually released in the US. A little dusty, works great, though you get an ultra-ghetto A/V cable cobbled together by yours truly. US shipping only unfortunately, since it's freakin' heavy. $30

May be adding more items as I go through the garage. I'm looking to get a moddable PSP unit in great working condition (no scratches on screen!), if there's a lot of items you see that you'd want to trade for.
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