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Dreamcast JP Shenmue I & II, JP Maken X, US Nintendo DS

Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2017 3:46 am
by schadenfreude
I got some goodies for sale. Let me know if you're interested in any of this stuff or wanna see pictures or whatever, and we'll work out friend prices. I'll wait about a fortnight and then post about these goodies elsewhere.

All the discs have at worst light scratches. I played through all the games recently with no issues. Goods ship from the United States of Advertising.

  • JP DC Shenmue: includes cardboard box, manual, plus What's Shenmue in a jewel case lacking a manual
  • JP DC Shenmue II: includes cardboard box, manual, advertisement inserts, spine card, plus Virtua Fighter 4 passport jewel case (empty, with no manual or disc), plus Shenmue Jukebox soundtrack with disc (strange assortment of stuff, but that's what was in the package I bought)
  • JP DC Maken X: includes manual and spine card
  • US Nintendo DS phat: in original "Metroid Prime: Hunters" box with all original inserts and Hunters demo card but lacking charger (I include a PSP/DS USB charging cable instead). Also comes with a Super Card SD in its original box; the DS has already been flashed to use the Super Card. No SD card or warez included