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Anime based on video games

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 6:24 am
by schadenfreude
I recently watched the Tekken and Street Fighter II animated movies, and though the cheese was thicker than it was in my memory, I still had a good time, especially when the bourbon helps the watching experience. As a kiddie, I remember watching Tekken with my brother over at our friend's place, and right when this awesome NSFW sequence came on, his little sister walked in the room. Her shock led to her complaining to her mother, who sided with us because we "were only watching a cartoon". Fuck yeah!

If you know of any other decently watchable classics, pile 'em on here. If you do it by this Monday, I can celebrate Washington's birthday the way it was meant to be celebrated.

Re: Anime based on video games

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 6:40 am
by Gaijin Punch
I can't think of any that are any good. PSO2 is now getting a TV anime (Sega finally hit a grand slam w/ that game, and I will say it's fun) but I'm sure the anime will be lame as fuck.

Re: Anime based on video games

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 10:40 am
by CTN
I remember the Street Fighter II V(ictory) series as kind of fun, or at least better than the Tekken anime. But if you managed to find that still likeable, then you could also try the Fatal Fury anime.

Re: Anime based on video games

Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:52 am
by Gaijin Punch
Ys probably not terrible, all things considered.

Re: Anime based on video games

Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2016 3:11 pm
by layzee
Now that I think about it, even though I've played a few games in my time, I have very little interest in anime adaptions of them so few come immediately to mind. As GP already mentioned above, the Ys anime イース pretty good for its time I guess (pun intended), though I confess that I almost fell asleep several times while watching in the 21st century. Good vs evil, swords and sorcery, kings and demons, etc... - it's about as basic as it can get as far as medieval fantasy anime goes. The orchestration of your favourite familiar Ys tunes is a plus though.

It might not quite meet the definition of "classic" but when it comes to good anime based on games, then there's Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. I trust I don't need to explain why I like it.

A bit of an oddball anime but I have to mention 時空冒険ヌウマモンジャ~ which is a short anime based on Chrono Trigger. It's actually pretty funny (saying as someone who finds most modern comedy unfunny) and the icing on the cake, a vocal version of the Gonzalez song (the theme of the red robot you beat up for silver points). The original song in the game is catchy by itself, and I always imagined what it might sound like when sung (using the robot's English/Japanese dialogue as the lyrics). The vocal version in the anime basically turned my imagination into reality. Anyone know if it's on VHS? Because I'd buy it.

Re: Anime based on video games

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 12:27 am
by schadenfreude
I watched the Wizardry OVA last night. Yeah, it's not based on a Japanese game, but given the popularity of the series over there and the subsequent spawning of JRPGs, it might as well be Japanese.

The OVA is 50 minutes of solid entertainment with nary a second wasted. The animation is dark and has the classic 80s anime vibe (though it's from 1991), and the content is satisfyingly violent, with plenty of gushing blood of different colors. There are even a couple of good jokes thrown in there, such as the stereotypical annoying know-it-all novice character getting his ass handed to him a few times. And the best part is that the action leaves little time for philosophical waxing. The Tekken writers should've taken note.

Re: Anime based on video games

Posted: Tue Feb 23, 2016 4:33 pm
by CIT Seven Force
I recently watched the Ys anime. Definitely pretty good if you're a fan of the games. Kick ass menu screen on the US DVDs as well. ;)