TV Anime "Junji Itou Collection" (2018)

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TV Anime "Junji Itou Collection" (2018)

Postby layzee » Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:23 pm

Okay, the promo trailer is only 1 minute long but I'm confident enough to bet y'all $100 (USD) that the manga will remain superior. Anyway, Junji Itou is basically a horror manga artist and writer genius with a very impressive work history and one of my favourite people ever. He's that good. It seems like this new 2018 anime will be sourced from his main "Junji Ito Horror Comic Collection" which consists of 16 books and each book having around 5 mainly unrelated stories (if I remember correctly). I doubt every single story will be adapted so I'd say a select few. Possible stories for inclusion might be:

Tomie - She is a beautiful girl and any man that meets her inevitably go crazy and end up loving her to death, literally. Consisting of a bunch of continuing stories, Itou's first work (or first major work). Storytelling-wise, a bit rough, perhaps repetitive, but nonetheless interesting.

Ma no Danpen (Fragments of Evil) - A standalone volume consisting of several unrelated stories. One of those is: why is the man holding onto his head while breathing heavily? (as shown on cover)

Souichi's Selfish Curse - More of a horror/comedy. Souichi is a mischievous boy who likes playing with nails and inflicting curses on those who cross his path.

Namekuji Shoujo (Slug Girl) - A girl wakes up to find something wrong with her tongue...

Fashion Model - One day, a university student finds a terribly unattractive model in a magazine. Shortly after, this same "model" auditions for the main role of the movie he and his colleagues are making...

Oshikiri Idan (Oshikiri's Strange Stories) - I think it's about a boy named Oshikiri and his encounters with the supernatural.

4tsu Tsuji no Bishounen (The Pretty Boy at the Crossroads) - Horror/romance. The protagonist returns to his hometown to confront his past. At the same time, there are a series of suicides. Does that ghostly figure have anything to do with either? One of my favourite stories. The title was changed from its original "死びとの恋わずらい".

I don't watch much anime these days, but I'll make an exception this time and if history is of any indication, set my expectations low. Gyo (Fish) was previously adapted to an anime but none of the atmosphere and escalating horror got translated, nor key parts of the plot. It was reduced to a typical disaster movie. Uzumaki (Spiral) was adapted into a live-action movie but considering the original material (a multi-volume epic, what I consider to be Itou's masterpiece), it was doomed to be a failure from the beginning (with even more plot taken out, basically 90%). There's been other Junji Itou anime and live-action films but I don't feel like wasting my time.

Do you like Junji Itou, and if so, which is your all time greatest story of his?

P.S. I should take a photo of my manga collection one day, it should be close to complete, if not complete.
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