Question about Manx TT review.

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Question about Manx TT review.

Postby Suetonius » Fri Jun 03, 2005 7:55 am

I just read your write up on the Saturn version of Manx TT and I noticed this: "Graphics (in Manx TT) are overall on par with the Daytona Saturn releases." I agree that the graphics are on par with Daytona USA CCE on Saturn. But in regards to being on par with the original Daytona release, I would have to disagree. This is because the original Daytona was plagued with pop-up, the track literally disappears after 100 meters! The game may be fun to play, but from a technical point of view it is a disaster. Manx TT on the other hand, has only minor pop-up, runs at a solid frame rate and has some nice track-side detail (such as solid houses, churches and buildings.) The graphical diference between Manx TT and Daytona is so large that they don't even look like they are done on the same console. I got this game very late (I found it in an op shop in 2002.) When I first played it I was amazed, the graphics in Manx TT looks just as good as a lot of PSX games at the time. Whereas Daytona looks more at home on the 32X!

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Postby Gaijin Punch » Fri Jun 03, 2005 11:29 am

I must've taken into account that 1: Daytona was a very early generation game for the Saturn. Also, the fact that it's the only racinig game I really like, which is probably the point that factors in the most. :)
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