Wolf Fang

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Wolf Fang

Postby Macaw » Thu Jun 17, 2010 4:35 am


Wolf Fang, Data East, 1991


- Must be the Japanese version, Wolf Fang, not the western version Rohga. All the branching paths are cut out of Rohga meaning there are only 5 stages instead of 12, which also means there is no special mode

- Both Normal and Special modes allowed - After putting in a coin you can hold down the shot and sub weapon buttons and then press start to choose special mode. This puts the game on hard mode and also removes the branching paths and makes you play through all 12 stages in a single run. 'Mode' in the score format below refers to if you played in normal or special mode

- Arcade, Playstation and Saturn versions allowed


- Down + jump makes you dash

- Holding down while jumping makes you land faster

- You can easily get trapped by bullets if you let too many enemies get on screen. Make sure to take out certain tougher stuff with your melee weapon when you can

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- High Score Format -

Player Name - Mode - Robot Number - Stage - Score

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- High Scores -

1: Macaw - Special - 62 - 4B - 1,070,680
2: zinger - Normal - 02 - 5D - 477,830
3: Gaijin Punch - Normal - 50 - 4B - 361,770
4: gsl - Normal - 56 - 3B - 163,630
5: ...
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