FS: Lots of junk and maybe some good things?

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FS: Lots of junk and maybe some good things?

Postby Greatsaintlouis » Mon Jul 20, 2009 3:19 am

Hello weary forum buyers, are you sick of digging through giant lists of goods for sale with hopes of finding something you'd actually want to buy? In an effort to be as helpful a seller as I could possibly be, I've organized my wares into two distinct sections, Might Be Good and Do Not Want. As the names suggest, one section is comprised of items I think might be desirable or potentially uncommon, while the other is comprised of wares that, while working and in good condition (unless otherwise noted) don't have much value, or might not be appreciated except by people with a bit of nostalgia for the item or going for some kind of completist collection.

When I mention a disc has scuffs or scratches, I do so for the collector types who may be looking for something immaculate. Games are still perfectly playable unless I mention otherwise.

I figured I'd post this here for a week first before moving on to other forums.

Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail at the flat rate of $5 no matter how much you get. International shipping is available as well, just shoot me a PM to work out the details. Everything is in good condition and working unless otherwise noted. Pictures available on request, and I'm completely open to a small amount of haggling (over PM) should something seem a bit high in price. Trades are possible too.

Games are NTSC/U unless otherwise noted.

Might Be Good

-Donpachi (Saturn, JP) - $17 - No spine card, light scratches on case.
-Tobal 2 (PSX, JP) - $10 - Few scuffs on case, complete w/ spine card and reply postcard.
-Capcom Generation Vol. 5: Street Fighter (PSX, JP) - $7 - No spine card, little bit of adhesive junk on back case (I can clean this), minor scratches and scuffs on the CD.
-G.Darius (PSX, PAL) - $5 - Minor scuffs on CD, instructions are a bit wrinkly. And German. Works with various import/backup gizmos for the large version PSX. I think somewhere I found a Gameshark code to force it to 60hz NTSC.
-Parappa the Rapper (PSX) - $17 - Scuffs on game case, a few on CD but looks and plays great. Includes instruction poster.
-Um Jammer Lammy (PSX) - $5 - Minty. Parappa and Lammy together, only $20.
-Final Fantasy Chronicles (V and VI)(PSX) - $10 - Black label first-printing with music CD. Good condition all around.
-Final Fantasy Anthology (FFIV and Chrono Trigger)(PSX) - $10 - Great condition.
-Fighting Vipers 2 (DC, PAL) - $10 - PAL Dreamcast cases are notorious for shattering if you sneeze on them, but this one's unbroken aside from one of the little spines that holds the CD being snapped off. CD is scratchless as far as I can see. Manual's a quarter-inch thick and is written in, like, 40 languages.
-Nakoruru (DC, JP) - $30 - Visual novel-esque RPG with the Samurai Shodown character. First print edition in large box with a little Nakoruru figurine. Seems a bit rare?
-Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 Beta (DC, PAL) - $7 - One of the infamous PAL pre-production whitelabels. Regular plastic CD case. Disc is scratch-free.
-Shikigami no Shiro 2 (GC, JP) - $10 - Very slight bends on the edges of the cardboard slipcover; otherwise, minty.
-Gamecube Freeloader (GC, Any?) - $5 - Says version 1.0 on the import card, but I'm pretty sure the screen shows v1.something when you boot it up. Doesn't work on newer Gamecube revision w/o the digital out. Handles PAL and JP games just fine on an NTSC/U cube, although certain JP games would have garbled text, like the Gamecube didn't have the Japanese character set or something. Can't test this anymore.
-R-Type Final (PS2, JP) - $10 - Slight scratch on DVD. Manual's printed on a weird thin paper, but unlike the US release is in FULL COLOR, has a bit of info on some of the R-Types and stages, and a little afterward by the producers.
-Pac-Man (NeoGeo Pocket Color) - $5 - Boxed. Slight crush mark on one side of box spine. Includes one of the 4-way joystick restrictor thingies. No longer have a NGPC to test, but worked great when I did.
-Ogre Battle Gaiden (NeoGeo Pocket Color, JP) - $10 - Boxed. Complete. No longer have a NGPC to test, but worked great when I did.
-Metal Slug Second Mission (NeoGeo Pocket Color, JP) - $5 - Cart only, in plastic clamshell case. No longer have a NGPC to test, but worked great when I did.
-R-Type (Turbografx-16) - $15 - Complete in case w/manual. HuCard itself has a few scratches on the label paint. Worked when I had my TG16.
-Detana Twinbee (PC-Engine, JP) - $7 - HuCard only. Good cosmetic condition (slight insertion marks on back).
-Final Fantasy III (SNES) - ON HOLD - Cart only. Looks good, plays good.
-Sagaia (Genesis) - $5 - Some installment of the Darius series? Cart only. Cart and label are "gamer's condition" - little grungy, but not bad.
-Steel Empire (Genesis) - $5 - Cart only. Label has scratches, some slight wear. Sticker residue on the back which I'll try and clean off.
-Doshin The Giant (64DD, JP) - $25? - Disk only. Got this years ago when I still thought there was a chance I would ever come across a 64DD. Don't have the hardware so I can't test it. Buy it only as a collector's piece, be surprised if it works!
-Strikers 1945 (PSX) - $10 - Complete and great condition, especially considering I got it at a pawn shop. Disc has a few minor scuffs.

Do Not Want
You'll notice I didn't put any prices here. That's because I'm not quite sure what value this stuff holds, if any. Make me an offer (Mods: Let me know if this isn't appropriate and I need to assign prices) and we'll go from there. The shipping price still applies, but for these items we can negotiate cheaper, slower shipping if you'd like. Buy at least $30 of stuff from the list above and get one item for free (items with a controller are $3, in this case). Again, everything works unless otherwise noted, I'm just not sure it's worth anything.

-Samurai Shodown (Genesis) - Slightly worn label.
-Xevious (Pc Engine) - HuCard only. Insertion marks on back.
-Perfect Dark (N64) - Sealed, complete. ON HOLD
-R4 Ridge Racer Type 4 plus JogCon controller (PSX) - Game in great condition, Jogcon not bad either.
-Point Blank plus Guncon (PSX) - Few minor scuffs on the game CD.
-Custom Robo (N64 JP) - Boxed and complete (if not complete, then damn close). Box is a bit crushed, inner goods in great shape.
-Dead or Alive (PSX) - Boobs. Case back has disgusting sticky reside from those RFID-type tags, I can try and clean it if you're interested. Disc has a scratch which could affect playability, I'll have to check.
-Sega Rally 2 (DC, JP) - No spine card. Pretty close to minty.
-Alien Front Online (DC) - Box set with microphone pack. Has an old EB Games price tag for $1.49 if that helps.
-Mobile Light Force (PSX) - The original horror, aka Gunbird. Scare kids with the cover art at your next house party, assuming you're weird and invite kids to your house parties. Case has a few scuffs, innards are minty.
-Metal Gear Solid (PSX) - Discs and manual have light scuffing but are totally playable (or readable). Case has no inserts. A set of bachelor-pad drink coasters which increase your gamer cred, maybe?
-Dino Crisis (DC) - Game has no scratches, it just flat-out wouldn't work in my Dreamcast. Maybe you'll have better luck?
-Gundam Side Story 0079 (DC) - Disc only. Very light scratches.
-Pop 'n Music plus Pop 'n Music controller (DC, JP) - One of the early music games. Game is complete w/spine card, few light scratches. Controller is boxed.
-Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix (DC, JP) - Complete w/spine card. Pretty minty.
-Outtrigger (DC) - Some scratches on the disc bottom, looks like it was gone over with one of those Disc Doctor thingies.
-Space Channel 5 (DC) - Up down up down chu chu chu. Case front a bit scuffed, minty otherwise.
-Biohazard CODE: Veronica (DC, JP) - Obligatory case scuffs. Innards in good condition. No spine card.
-Neppachi VI (DC, JP) - Online-capable (or formerly, at least) pachinko game. Complete. Spine card. Why the fuck did I ever buy this??
-Phantasy Star Online (DC) - Version with Sonic Adventure 2 demo. SA2 disc is pristine, PSO disc was gone over with a Disc Doctor thingie as well. More coasters?
-Alien Syndrome (Master System) - Game in clamshell case. No instructions, but a CRAZY 80's-tastic SMS mini-poster. No way of testing.
-After Burner (Master System) - Game in clamshell case. Instructions in decent condition. No way of testing.
-Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SNES) - ON HOLD - All things considered, a pretty impressive achievement on the system. Cart is a little grungy.
-Mortal Kombat 2 (Genesis) - Good condition. Your nostalgia says you want it.
-Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition (Genesis) - I think you can play as the raptor. Are you even still reading this far?
-Gamecube Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc Version 30 (GC) Those demos you'd see in game store kiosks. No idea what's on it. I'll look if you really want me to.
-Descent (PSX) - In some weird tall case where the cardboard cover was apparently glued to the plastic case. The glue has failed. I can try to re-glue it. Who am I kidding, nobody's going to want this shit. Game disc is in good condition.
-D (PSX) - Apparently a crazy horror game or something? Never touched it. Comes in the shitty American Saturn-style tall case. Game discs (three) are in great shape; shitty case, not so much.

This took too goddamn long to type out.
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Postby sven666 » Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:08 am

ill take perfect dark and FF3.

im not sure what perfect dark is worth tho, i just wanna play it and see how it holds up against my memories... if you feel it might be one of those crazy-sealed-ebay thingies ill pass on it.

anyways, send me a pM will ya :)
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Postby Greatsaintlouis » Tue Jul 21, 2009 8:36 am

PM sent!

Added Strikers 1945 for PSX.

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Postby mog123 » Tue Jul 21, 2009 3:06 pm

sfa2 for the snes, how much?
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